Beret, an animation microdocumentary by flextatowa


Boina (Beret) is an animation microdocumentary based on "Gente de Boina" by José Luis García Sánchez.
It shows through rotoscoping some men, mostly in berets, smoking and talking quietly in Tomelloso's main square, one day in 1971. Meanwhile, a poetic voice over, describes the garment, its uses and its users.

Notes from the Director

Boina (Beret) arose from an invitation to participate in a video-creation showing ,  with "rural"  as the topic . Searching for ideas,  I came across the documentary "Gente de boina" (Beret people) by José Luis García Sánchez. Its contemplative shots and the script caught my attention. The video was posted on youtube, the quality was quite  poor  but it was very suggestive. Implicitly,  it was talking with respect and admiration about the end of an era, about generational change and customs that soon were going to be obsolete.

On the other hand, I was wondering  what it would be like to make  a rotoscoping piece,   I wanted to experiment with the technique and the organization of a project that was going to generate more than a thousand pictures.

With this video I wanted to pay homage to my origins and the people that are  still around me now.

In this process, I've noticed that my work starts with an idea and it is through action  that  I reach a reflection.

Technical Spechs